Comfycozy Care

Comfycozy Care™ Gifts are bright, washable backpacks that contain Comfycozy T-Shirts that are specially designed with zippers, pockets and holes allowing healthcare professionals access to a child’s ports and tubes while the child’s body remains covered. These T-shirts are in fun tie-dye colors, come in every size imaginable and the kids, families and healthcare professionals love them already!

Health Care Professionals

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angel's will develop and distribute educational material focused on helping medical professionals understand person-centered care, the strengths of the child and family, and the fear the family is experiencing. Workshops and presentations will be conducted at health care professional conferences, trade shows and meetings to discuss the importance of supporting family voice and dignity through empathy and understanding.

Helping Families

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angel's will provide advocacy support through community resources, a hotline, volunteer advocates and other supports. We will also provide financial assistance to families in need such as utility payments, childcare, etc.

Bringing Dignity to the Journey